Monday, January 5, 2009


Total Before Savings:  $61.89
Total Coupons Used:  $13.00
Total After Savings:  $33.87
Total OYNP Coupons Earned:  $30

Thanks to my dear friend Celeste,  I was able to knock out two transactions in one purchase last night!  That Glen Muir tomato sauce was the culprit in my last transaction - that's exactly why I don't eat organic food!  ha ha!

1 Bounty 8 pack - Reg. $13.29, Sale $10 ($1/1 MFC)
4 Fruit Roll Ups - Reg. $2.99, Sale $2 (2 .75/2 MFCs DOUBLE) - $1.25 ea
3 Betty Crocker Potatoes - Reg. $2.39, Sale $1.67 (2 .40/1 MFC, 1 .35/1 MFC DOUBLES) - .87 & .97 ea
1 Chex Mix - Reg. $2.69, Sale $2 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES) - $1 ea
1 Fuze Drink - Reg. $1.39, Sale $1.25 (.25/1 MFC DOUBLES) - .89 ea
2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis - Reg. $2.89, Sale $2 ($1/2 MFC) - $1.50 ea
1 Fiber One Toaster Pastries - Reg. $2.19, Sale $2 (.75/1 MFC DOUBLES) - .50 ea
4 Green Giant Boxes - Reg. $2, Sale $1.67 (2 $1/2 MFCs) - $1.17 ea
3 Toaster Strudels - Reg. $2.99, Sale $2.50 ($1/2 MFC, .35/1 MFC DOUBLES) - $2 & $1.80 ea.

The trick that I'm trying to use is to match up the bigger ticket items with the smaller "money makers" to try to break even.  In my head, I try to get my OOP cost to be half of the original sale price.  Just in case you needed tips on how to maximize your trip.  The rumor is if you spend $25 on baby stuff, you get an extra $5 coupon.  Even though I'm out of Pampers coupons, I might do 2 wipes and 1 pack of diapers in my next trip to see if it works.  


Ronell said...

Yup it definitely works! I posted about it on my blog.

Heidi said...

Becky, if you do the diapers and wipes you might want to do it at the Self Check Out, to see how the prices ring up before you scan your card. Some people have been saying that the Shaw's in MA have changed so that the diapers and wipes now ring up as sale prices instead of presale, so you won't get to 30, and won't get the cats. Good luck, hope you'll post again with more deals! :)

BECKY! said...

I did the self checkout (never again!!!). The prices and catalinas were all fine (although, I proved to be kind of dumb - see recent post). My kids just drive me nuts. Why do I shop with them?