Monday, December 22, 2008


I personally think Macy's is a bargain haven - if you can work your coupons with sales that is! This is one department store that is really pays to have their credit card (as long as you pay it off every month!).

Yesterday, I got a robe for my husband for Christmas and 2 Karen Scott Sweaters for myself.

Bathrobe - Orig. Price $75, Sale $26.25 (65% off!), After Coupon $18.25
1st Sweater - Orig. Price $44, Sale $12.99, After Coupon $8.99
2nd Sweater - Orig. Price $44, Sale $12.99, After Coupon $9.99

Sticker Price of items: $163
Sale Price of items: $52.23
$15 off a $50+ Purchase Coupon: $37.23

That's an overall savings of more than 77%! I don't think you could get these items cheaper at say T.J. Maxx or Marshall's. The family ventured out to the mall yesterday during the snow storm and it was pretty dead. Sure the snow was kind of bad, but it's the weekend before Christmas! It's also kind of scary how the new "norm" for sales seems to be 50%. My husband and I talk about this often. It used to be great to hit up 25% and 30% off sales - and the 50%+ marks were saved for events like the day after Thanksgiving and Clearance racks. Even the Land's End line at Sears is on sale for 40% off! It will be interesting to see if this trend continues or if it settles back down to "normalcy".

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