Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So Macy's sent out this "20% off Friends and Family" purchase coupon a while ago that is good from the 10th to the 14th. I went today and if you just simply use your Macy's card on most things, you get the 20% anyways! It's just a scam to get you in the door!

I did have 2 $15 off $50 purchases - which for those of you who aren't math savvy, means 30% off if you stay close to $50. So I did that today. EVERYTHING is on a great sale so I got some things (can't mention what as some are gifts and whatnot) that would have been over $90 if you went by the ticket price but cost only $39. But honestly, who pays sticker price these days anyways? I feel like I got a super good deal though!

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Celeste said...

Honestly, some people pay sticker price. Not ME (as you know) but I've witnessed people doing it. Crazy.