Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Black Friday Or Not Black Friday...That Is The Question!

My answer: I am NOT! I usually LOVE to go out at the crack of dawn to get great deals. Have done so for a good couple years now. But really - I don't save that much to make it worth it. Especially this year - it seems there are tons of great deals everywhere! Plus this year, I just can't be bothered! Once the boys are older and sleeping until mid morning and just plain on their own program, well then yes, I will start my ritual back up for no other reason than I am extremely old lady like.

I did hit up Toys R Us the past two years because they had their cases of diapers for $10 during the "Power Hours". Now with two little toddlers, I'd rather just hope to sleep until about 7, maybe 7:30 and just do a whole lot of nothing with them. If you are going out, I wish you luck and many bargains! Please rub your great bargains in my face so I will get back into Black Fridaying next year!

By the way, I do NOT count my CVSing part of Black Friday. For starters, it's CVS! Come on! Secondly, I'm doing my CVS deals on THANKSGIVING MORNING! Boohahaha! I love CVS for this very reason. Many kudos to the CVS Corporation for not recognizing the great day of Turkey Eating.

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