Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get To Shaw's Now!

So I need to thank Deal Finding Mom tremendously!! Check out her bloggie on my list. She is a pro! She figured out that the "Spend $30, Get $15 On Your Next Purchase" is PRE-SALE prices!!! Plus, I figured out some ConAgra deal through her which is not advertised at all here in Massachusetts. I guess they forget about us pilgrims. Deal Seeking Mom is from CT and people from CT (like me) are obviously wonderful!

Rounds 3 and 4. $50.88 Cash and $50 Off My Next Purchase Coupons generated. So it's sort of like I got all of this for .88 cents!

Round 3

ConAgra Deal

6 Swiss Miss Cocoas (reg. $1.99, sale $1)
3 Healthy Choice Microwavable Bowls (reg. $2.99, Sale $1.67) Had $1/3 MFC

Came to $10.95, Minus $1/3 MFC for the soup, so $9.95 OOP plus a coupon for $10 off my next order.

The Spend $30, Get $15 OYNO (Off Your Next Order)

2 Hellman's Mayo (Reg. price $4.29, Sale $2.50) Had $1/2 MFC
4 Progresso Soup (Reg. price $2.89, Sale $1.67) Had $1/4 MFC
1 Macaroni Grill thing. (Reg. price $4.99, Sale $3.34) Had $1/1 MFC
1 Betty Crocker Potato (Reg. price $2.29, Sale $1) Had .40/1 MFC which DOUBLED
3 Knor Noodle Packs (Reg. price $1.79, Sale $1) Had $1/3 MFC

Came to $13.21 OOP plus coupons for $15 off my next order.

$23.21 in total, Plus $25 dollars off my next order! Woooohoooooo!

Round 4

8 cans of Healthy Choice Soup (Reg. $2.50, Sale $1.25)
2 Green Giant Just For Ones (Reg. $3.99, Sale $2.50) MFC $1/2
5 Green Giant Boxes (Reg. $2, Sale $1)
4 Progresso Soups (Reg. $2.89, Sale $1.67) MFC $1/4
2 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes (Reg. $2.19, Sale $1)

Total OOP = $27.67, Got $25 Off my next order

Round 5


15 Green Giant Boxed Veggies (Reg. price $2, Sale price $1)

1 Free Tall brewed coffee from the Starbucks inside!

Paid with a $10 off Coupon, so $5 OOP and $15 off my next order.

I'm sitting on $85 off my next order coupons. I was too chicken to use them on deals that generated coupons (until my last round). And even that, the lady would only take one $10 one. She was sort of moronic though. I wasn't going to fight her on it.

Usually I don't like people who hoard away tons of stuff like this, but all three of the Shaw's near me are VERY stocked with all these products. So I don't feel guilty. I just hope you can get the same great deal too!


Ronell said...

I'm so glad you are able to take advantage of this awesome deal! I have been every day this week and have more trips already planned out! lol. By the way I use all of my $5 Cats to pay for my trip, if they hassle you tell them:

1. It doesn't state anywhere on the coupon that only 1 can be used

2. They advertised to get $15 to use on your next trip so you should AT LEAST be able to use all $15 worth at one time!

Good Luck! Oh and the ConAgra is unadvertised everywhere! Next week it is still going on as well and there are new items on sale and it IS actually advertised in the ad! I will post those deals on Thursday so I don't confuse everyone! lol.

BECKY! said...

Both of my Shaw's today capped me at $15 max with my coupons! Oh well! I can never really buy more than 15 items at a time with the rugrats with me anyways! Thanks so much!!